The Christmas Toy Shop exists "so that no child will be without a Christmas." The Christmas Toy Shop provides toys at Christmas time to needy children. Over the past few years, 800 families were served including 2000 children. In addition, 700 bicycles were issued as part of the overall distribution. 

The Christmas Toy Shop recycles toys and bicycles by refurbishing them to look like new. At Christmas time, new and used toys, stuffed animals, a book, and a stocking stuffer are provided to each child (0 - 12 years of age). Thousands of toys are given out each year to families during distribution days.

The Christmas Toy Shop coordinates its services and resources with over 25 community agencies in both north and south Pinellas county so that each agency understands the others role in giving to the needy. There is sharing of information so that there is less duplication. Because the Christmas Toy Shop has such an excellent record and identifcation system, other agencies screen their charitable assistance clients from the Christmas Toy Shop records, thus allowing more people to receive services. WE have had over 25 volunteer groups working with the Christmas Toy Shop who provided over 4,000 hours during the distribution period.

The Christmas Toy Shop operates year round in order to have toys ready in December with over 60 regular volunteers.  The Christmas Toy Shop​​​​​​​ is non-profit, a totally volunteer operation, and operates on private donations.

The Christmas Toy Shop​​​​​​​ has celebrated
over 100 years of serving the community

There is NO cost for any of our services; all expenditures are made for supplies to repair used toys, purchase new toys, and maintain the facilities that are in operation three days a week, 52 weeks a year. The Christmas Toy Shop is open Tuesday and  Wednesday, 9:30am - 3pm each week.

All toys are distributed during the month of December of each year. 100% of this distribution is directed towards children 0 through 12 years of age.